A Family Visit to Greenhill

We had such a wonderful day at Greenhill.  Yesterday I reserved the dining room in the clubhouse (in the photo here) for myself, dad, my aunt, two of her kids and a grandchild, and a cousin and his wife.  What a great time!

We did the regular tasting.  The menu has been updated to reflect a new rose release and some other wines.


I have to say that I absolutely love their Blanc de blancs.  It’s a nice crisp bubbly white (all chardonnay) and it starts you in a festive mood.  I definitely get the apple and pear in it.  I keep a bottle in the fridge just in case there is fun to be had!

The Viognier is a nice white wine – very pleasant to drink.  It has a sharper taste and is more acidic than their chardonnay.  But it’s very drinkable.  I would love this more on hot days, and as we get into fall, I’m more inclined to stash this in the wine fridge for next year.

The new rose – I was super excited, given the blend of malbec, merlot, and nebbiolo.  Nebbiolo is not a grape I usually like.  This rose was smooth and pleasant, but honestly, I prefer the Syrah rose to this one – the syrah was a little sharper and more acidic, and really more flavorful.  I couldn’t really taste the malbec in this one.  Oh well, hoping for a new Syrah rose next year!

Philosophy was my fave.  I absolutely live for Bordeaux blends.  And this one was in no way a letdown.  Smooth and consistent, with a great smell at the beginning, and left you waiting for more.  It was nice and dark, and I suspect it was heaviest in cab sauv – probably why I loved it so much.

Cab Franc – I can take or leave cab franc.  This one was pretty good, and does well as a stand alone varietal.  Dark fruit in it, rich and pleasant, with some pepperiness characteristic of cab franc.

Intuition – our tasting person said that this is mostly seyval blanc with some petit manseng added.  Let me say that I’m not a fan of seyval blanc, but that the addition of the much more acidic petit manseng really made this wine for me.  There is a little but of residual sugar in this wine, but blending it with the manseng really made it enjoyable.  This would be a good summer wine too.

The tasting experience here, with the table service, is really quite incredible.  I thoroughly enjoy myself every time I go, and I highly recommend this experience.

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