About My NoVa Wine Blog

I could quote Seinfeld and tell you this is a blog about nothing, but that doesn’t help, and it is about something.  It’s about my exploration of new-to-me Virginia wines.

15 years ago when I really started paying attention to and getting interested in wine, I started checking out Virginia wine.  That meant visiting a few cheap places and being a bit disgusted by them.  It was not a good thing.

Over the past 10 or so years, however, the Virginia wine business has exploded and it feels like there are signs for wineries and wine tours off nearly every highway when you get outside the beltway.  This is a good thing, and the competition has pushed wine makers to improve dramatically.

In the very first post here I described the fact that I got myself into a habit of visiting the same two or three wineries all the time for a few years.  They made good wine, and I enjoyed the visits.  But lately I have been pushing myself to check out other places, and since the fall of 2017 I have been to ten new-to-me wineries (as of mid-Oct 2018).  The list continues, and the exploration will go on, and I will chart each visit here.  Some places I have fallen in LOVE with, and if I can ever figure out the links widget on here, I’ll add a list that you may want to check out. At a few, I’ve even joined the club, if the wine was good and the club had a good value to it.

I’m also hoping to keep an ongoing list of the places I want to check out so that I can share that.  My hope is that folks who read this will share their thoughts in the comments, especially if they visit places I have written about, so that we can compare notes.

So sit back and enjoy the writing (I promise it will get better over time) (except when I’ve drunk the whole bottle!) and pictures, and share your thoughts as we journey through Northern Virginia wine together.

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