Thanksgiving Wines

I’m excited about thanksgiving. I love the smells of the food cooking and the hubbub around the house. I used to have folks over- often groups of six to eight, but this year it will just be our little family of three plus dad.

The menu includes Turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, creamed spinach, sweet potatoes and maybe a little more.  To be fair, we’re cheating a little and picking some stuff up at Boston Market, but we are doing the turkey, stuffing, and mac and cheese ourselves. It will be an all day affair, with me making my grandmother’s traditional Lithuanian snack/treat, meatcakes.  This is a labor of love that brings back so many memories of my childhood, and it’s a great way to spend the day.  It’s basically a sweet, yeasty dough wrapped around ground ham, bacon and onion.  It’s a lot of prep and cleanup, but the treat you get at the end is so worth it.


Unlike grandma, I am probably going to open a bottle of Blanc de Blancs at the beginning of this process, but definitely by noon. Right now that means Greenhill’s Blanc de Blancs.  It’s crisp and apple-y, and sets the right mood.  Nothing beats cooking while sipping bubbly.

The main course will demand a bolder wine. Maybe a good meritage or Bordeaux blend. Right now I’m thinking something like Arterra’s 2015 Reserve, and/or the Two Twisted Posts Thomas Great. The dinner will finish with pumpkin pie and likely a Chateau O’Brien late harvest tannat.  The port-style has a great finish that feels like dessert.  Between wine, pie, and carbs, it’s going to require a lot of time in the gym over the rest of the holidays.

What Virginia Wine(s) are you serving with your Turkey Day Festivities?

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