Just the Pics: Kindred Pointe Winery

I was enticed by their website into adding it to my list of wineries I want to visit.  Since very dear high school friends were nearby and wanted to meet up, and they enjoy reading my wine exploits and this was sort of in the middle, I figured this could be a good spot.  Husband even came along, but mostly to take the Italian SUV out for a good spin on the highways.

I’ll share lots of the pics, it’s a gorgeous property sitting in a great spot, with amazing mountain views all around.

The tasting room was homey and pretty, and it offered their wines and “Life is Hard” Cider.  Cider isn’t really my thing, but HS friend went for a flight of that.  Her husband went for a glass of mulled wine followed by some malbec.  Husband and I went for the full tastings.

The wine was ok, and maybe I was let down because I was coming slowly down from an Early Mountain high.  The Chardonnay and Petit Manseng were pleasant, and although it was sunny and 50, I wasn’t up for white wine on the patio. The malbec was nice but light and a bit jammy  with its fruit flavors, which I didn’t expect and turned me off a little.  The merlot was nice but ended with a suprising bite of acidity, and I saw later in the tasting notes that it had a “touch” of petit verdot blended with it.

Finally, the Picasso red blend was ok, but didn’t stand out – it was 75% Chambourcin and 25% Petit Verdot.  The Chambourcin muted Petit Verdot’s strength, but it didn’t really wow me.

I ended up with a glass of malbec with HS friend finished her cider and we had sausage and cheese and crackers in a nice set of sofas while we caught up.

This isn’t one I’m recommending at this time, as I don’t see the wines developing the depth I tend to like.  Nothing here was bad, and I’m not panning it, but it didn’t wow me at all.

We did go have lunch and conversation afterwards at the Edinburg Mill – which was really a cool spot, and I learned that there are a number of other good wineries nearby.

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