New No Va Wine Blog Feature

So we are starting a new feature here, and this feature is reviewing products I love and giving you a link and way to buy them.  In the interest of full disclosure, these amazon links list me as an amazon affiliate, so there is a (very teeny tiny) kickback to me, but that will help pay the annual subscription to wordpress, etc.  The permanent link to any product reviews will live at the Products that are totally worth it link in the menu.

Plus, anything I review, like, and link to, you will know is something I actually own myself, love, and use.  As of now, I’m just not important enough for a company to actually pay me to promote their product (but hey, if you want to, use the CONTACT page on the top right corner menu…..).

So here it goes, a few of my favorite things that I totally love….


[By Madeline Puckette ] Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide (Hardcover)【2018】by Madeline Puckette (Author) (Hardcover)

Kindle edition: Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

This book is just incredible. I refer to it while sipping wine to see what flavor notes and characteristics she picks up in it. I highly recommend it as a guide and to learn more, and it’s helping me learn more too. It’s super-readable and enjoyable. Have at it!

Wine Folly – Wine Tasting Notes Placemats Print 20-Pack (12″ x 16″)

Wine Folly Tasting Mats – full disclosure – I have not tried them yet, but count on a review as soon as I do, and I think they are gonna be amazingly cool when I do comparison tastings with friends!


Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer and Decanter Includes Base Enhanced Flavors with Smoother Finish, Black

This is the aerator I use when I don’t have time to decant. I love it. The sound of it pulling air into the wine going through makes my son nuts, so that is an added bonus.

Try them! Leave you impression/experience in the comments.  I’d love to get your thoughts too!

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