Member Party Time

It was a lovely day, so Wine Friend 2 and I headed west for some member party fun.

I haven’t been writing much because there has been a ton of work and more than a little family drama to occupy my time.  When I started this blog I was making a private commitment to myself to write more, preferably daily.  I love writing, and made it a hallmark of my daily like when I was younger between journals, poems, and even horrific attempts at short stories that mostly copied the books I loved but put my own little twist on them.  So, there is a fear digging back in to this with a new entry for the first time in a few weeks, but also joy, because I feel accomplished when I write.

WF2 and I stopped first at the Winery at La Grange.  It was a member party day (A Benoni Day as they call it) – they had a sneak peak at the 2017 Albarino (which I had a bottle of and accidentally drank way too early), and the 2016 Petit Verdot.  Both were solid examples – and I’m excited to enjoy more of them later this season.  WF 2 found the Petit Verdot very “juicy” – meaning sweet.  I would describe it as smooth and jammy – which is not typical of Virginia petit verdot – it tends to have a bite and be very tannic.  After the sneak peak, we got to choose a class, and we both chose the Benoni Red Blend, and got some red dog bbq (food truck), all compliments of the membership.  This is one reason why these club memberships are such a good value – you get these parties with food and free wine samples.  After the bbq we headed to the tasting bar, where we enjoyed another tasting flight from their menu – getting to sample more wines.  While we enjoyed each sample, nothing struck our fancy and we made the decision to move on elsewhere.

We had a lovely glass of red with some bbq under and overhang, enjoying the breeze and sun and relaxing atmosphere!

We ended up deciding to try to head to the Loudoun County #TasteOfRose weekend and stopped in at Greenhill, since WF2 has never been there.

Greenhill’s tasting menu hasn’t changed in a while, so I settled in with a nice glass of mythology and WF2 had the Seyval Blanc.  We sipped and chatted in the club lounge, enjoyed the view of the mountains through the windows.  Eventually, we moved to her getting a Riesling and me getting Eternity, and then we shared some Reserve Blanc de blancs.  I do like the reserve – it’s got a lot of apple up front and will be great for celebrating.  We split the charcuterie while enjoying the glasses.


No rose, because they were out of the Syrah Rose that I love so dearly.  She hinted that a new rose was coming… so fingers crossed…..

On the whole, I do these club memberships because the discounts are so great and you can spend a lovely afternoon like this.  I highly recommend either place for the fun tasting experience and the lovely setting to relax and slow down for a few.

I tried so hard to capture the “legs” on this wine – they were fantastic, but didn’t come through in the shot.  Argh.  Gotta work on my camera skills.

So that’s this weekend’s entry.  I have a super-full week coming with work and a Friday of R&R with Husband, hopefully with a day trip to the beach, weather permitting. Stay tuned as we move into next weekend with the Arterra white wine release party and the return of the best chenin blanc ever!

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