Rose on Mother’s Day

As much as I intend to keep this blog about wine, I cannot escape inserting random editorial comments about life, or my own meandering thoughts on things taking over now and then.  This shall be one of those entries.

My mom is the wine lover in my life.  She often had her Gallo or Riunite available, probably because the four of us no doubt drove her crazy from time to time.  I cannot honestly tell you whether she drank red blends or specific varietals.  I do think I saw rose now and then in her hands.

This is the fourth Mother’s Day since my mom passed.  She did visit one of my favorite va winery haunts back in like 2013 I think.  She wasn’t always impressed with the wine I brought to her, but she was a good sport about trying each one of them.

I do think mom would enjoy some of the places I take dad to around here, and enjoy the exploration too.  This would have been a lot of fun to share with her throughout the past year of winery visits and writing.  She’d probably only tell me good things about the blog posts and build me up to make me feel good about my writing, not pointing out that many of the entries sound the same, “You went here, you liked this, you didn’t care for this….” That’s a mom for ya.

We celebrated mom with oysters and rose at a restaurant today.  Later tonight I will toast to mom with either the Arterra 2018 rose or the Walsh 2017 Twin Notch rose.  These are two I’m certain she would have loved.

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