Will Drive for Wine

I think I told you about the most incredible beach rosė we had. Yeah.

You can tell me it’s not that serious. You can tell me I have a problem. But I did it anyway.

I drove 100 miles for 8 bottles of the Herman Story After Hours rosė of grenache. Then I drove home. And sorry, I’m not sorry.

To be fair, husband drove, cause he loves his car. And we did walk the boardwalk and have a really nice crabcake sandwich lunch. But we had an agenda.

You see, a wine friend who went on and moved to the West Coast got me the hookup.  Turns out that since they travel to Paso Robles for wine quite a bit, they’ve actually been to the Herman Story property/ tasting room.  They quite like it.  They read that post linked above and notes how much they love Herman Story Wines.  So I asked if they knew how to get some for me on this coast, and they pointed me toward their wine club person in Rehoboth/Lewes at one of the wine stores.  I called her and she was then able to point me to a store in Rehoboth that may have some or be able to get some.  It’s like the old game of telephone. Lo and behold, I called, and the guy who answered the phone said he was looking at ten bottles of the rosé right that minute.


When I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked him to hold six for me.  I expected to have to special order it, and pay all kinds of crazy fees, but it turns out that they had it!!  So Sunday the 28th, Husband and I drove up to Rehoboth for a quick walk around, a crabcake (and sparkling rosé) lunch, and then Outlet Liquors for my pickup.

I did grab two more bottles from the shelf  (hey, they’re gonna be gifts, and I did leave two bottles for any other lucky rosé seeker), and I’m quite excited.  Look at the depth of color in that rosé.  There’s really nothing quite like this.  Not since the incredible Greenhill Syrah rosé have I been so excited.  My go-to Virginia rosé this summer has been Arterra’s 2017 Malbec/Petit Verdot and 2018 Cab Franc and then Walsh’s 2017 Twin Notch Cab Franc – they are really quite good…… this is something else, otherworldly.

And to think that Beloved Teenage Son says I’m not spontaneous!

5 thoughts on “Will Drive for Wine

  1. It is great wine. You should join their wine club! Rosé wines in general have come a long way. One very very bad thing about Delaware is that they are still only a very small handful of states that do not allow direct wine shipments. So even though we made friends with wine shops and distributors, there were still some wines we had to ship to our DC friends and get them to smuggle them into Delaware. 🙂 Luckily, we don’t have that problem any more!


    1. Yeah, I’d like to check out more of their wines. In regards to shipping, with Amazon sticking their noses into the regs, I expect we’ll see movement on regulations to loosen that, with potential positive and negative effects. I just need access to this mind-bending stuff like this rosė!


      1. I’m not too hopeful with Delaware. Several bills have died in committee over the last several years! The distributors must be paying someone off in Dover.


      2. But could it go past Delaware to Feds making the shift and requiring all 50 states to have a provision for shipping? That’s what I’m wondering – strong enough business lobbies could push this right over the edge. Even small Va Wineries are finding shipping solutions to get to most states. The customer has to pay for it, but there is a way to get the wine shipped…..


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