Early Mountain Holiday and a REVAlation

Wine Club Pickup and holiday party? Yes please.

Off we went to Madison VA.  I didn’t quite realize that the regular Virginia Table menu wasn’t being served, and so our lunch options were a little limited, but nonetheless, Wine Friend 1 and I headed on down.  I had my regular club pickup with the 2017 Eluvium, 2017 Vow, and 2017 Foothills, with two Brut Sparkling added on, cause New Years is Coming, y’all.  I’m always hoping for something to celebrate  too.

As always, Early Mountain was decked out, and as the first folks there (early is on time, on time is late, you know?) we got a table right at the fireplace.  WF1 loved the chardonnay and had two glasses of that, while I partook of the vow.  We had a few snacks and the music began.  That’s a whole nother story…….

The place got crowded pretty fast – they had a nice craft fair going on, and they really pack people in.  We wandered through that and jumped back on the road……

only to make a stop in Deliverance Country seeking new wine.

REVAlation vineyards is in REVA, Virginia.

I really didn’t think I was actually headed toward wine, given the winding road with occasional small brick houses and some cows along the way.

But eventually,  we got to the winery and settled in.  Given that it was right after thanksgiving, I wasn’t too sure it was actually even  open, although the OPEN flag was along the turn at the street.  But sure enough, when we got to the door, it was open.

We were the only people there (though the phone rang and someone was asking if they were open for tasting, so that was good…).  The woman at the bar was quite nice and we talked a great bit about her past in Northern Virginia Wine (she previously worked at North Gate prior to it’s sale).


We ended up being able to create a do-your-own tasting, which I really appreciate!  Only the very best tasters let us wine fantastics create our own from their various flights. We stuck pretty true to the flight above, but she let me substitute the Sauvignon Blanc in here (which was a good call, since I ended up taking a bottle home with me!).

As this is a relatively new winery, they are making their wine with Mathieu Finot of King Family, and they are focused on blends.  The taster said that they will bring forward single varietals, and they are planting more acres to increase production.  There is also a building coming for production in the future onto this property.

We learned the story that this is a log cabin actually disassembled and brought up from Danville, VA, and it’s well over a hundred years old, which is pretty cool for a tasting room.

Honestly, this looks like a great place for a warm evening watching a sunset with a chilled white in hand.  I could see loving the time there in the late Spring and early Fall.  It is central VA, so summer would be humid and buggy, and I just don’t do that, period.


So I’m putting this on the “come back and check them out” list.  Can’t wait to see what develops!

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