We are at 6000 views +1, which amazes me.  What started as an amusing way to track my winery  visits (so I would not forget where I have been) and maybe get a few friends to read and comment has actually reached more than a few readers, which is pretty cool!

I missed the 5000 mark completely, I’ve been more than a little busy the last 5 months with life outside wine (and that mostly makes me just open a few more bottles of wine), but it’s been a really fun journey over the past 17 months of blogging.

I think my all-time favorite entries remain:

My interview with Nate Walsh 

My interview with Jason Murray (someday I will defy his wishes and post the narrative version)

My Heavy Hitters diatribe

and of course, everyone’s favorite:

When the One You Love Doesn’t Love Wine.

What can I say, I’m a little emotional…

So if you’re still reading after all of this, I appreciate you.  I really do.  I hope that I bring some uneducated insight to the wine scene and make you realize that your taste buds are probably a good bit more sensitive than mine.  Maybe I’ve even inspired you to visit somewhere you have never been and drank some delicious wine there.  Take some time, catch up on recent entries, tell me in the comments where you have been going for your Va Wine Fix, and since I will have some breathing room during the holidays, make a recommendation to me!  Hope to see you at a winery!

2 thoughts on “6000+1

  1. So much fun to read your notes – your enthusiasm and observations will encourage lots of people to go out and try wines. One needn’t be a qualified expert to enjoy! that’s not to say that you’ve not learned a lot though. Clearly through experience and observation, you’re gaining quite a bit of knowledge.

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