Relo and Reboot

What’s happening with MyNovaWineBlog?

So……. it’s been a LONG 21 months since my last post. When last I posted, Beloved Son had just gone off to boot camp, and things were a little awry – Dad was in and out of the hospital, and mother-in-law passed unexpectedly. We were both working like crazy and trying to hold it all together.

Dad passed right before the world shut down for COVID. While it wasn’t COVID-related, we were lucky to be able to be in the hospital with him right up to the end and he passed away surround by family and love. At the same time, we had to let go of one of our dogs, and the other one aged about 5 years in a month (a few weeks later she was diagnosed with cancer wrapped around her spinal cord).

The world shut down and while we thought we’d be able to pause and take a breath, work ended up going completely haywire. In between all of that, this blog had to take a pause.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly had my fill of wine, joining the “Supporting Virginia Wineries During COVID” facebook group and ordering myself a ton of Glen Manor, Walsh, Arterra and RdV.

Some post pix unboxing the new iPhone. Me? This is what I unbox and post.

I also got be part of Arterra’s 2019 White Wine Release Video. That was a blast. Watch it again, just in case you missed your favorite absentee blogger…

So that era of intense work and isolation was rough to say the least. Virginia Wine carried me through.

The year got harder too – Second Dog and Father-in-law also passed away and Husband went through a horrible period of time at work.

So fast forward through the holidays where we paused to catch our breath and wonder where we are, how we got here, and what we need to do next. As my work continued to ramp up in intensity, we found ourselves sitting in an insanely hot real estate market and coming to the realization that maybe we didn’t want to live in Northern Virginia anymore. Maybe it was time to explore options. Husband had decided against beach retirement due to crowding and traffic and skyrocketing prices with poor construction quality. We took a good hard look at Charlottesville area.

Before we knew it, we had a pending offer on our house, and we had found a fantastic lot with a mountain view where the back patio/deck would go, and we were done.

So that brings us here. I’ve retired from the high-pressure high-stress job and we’re renting in Charlottesville. Husband has a new job with a great boss, and I have a big iron in the fire. We will have to see where that takes us career-wise. Sadly, the blog is not yet my paying job.

So far we’ve hit a few CVille area wineries…. Hark, Blenheim, Mount Ida, and Hazy Mountain. I’m going to need to map out my journey to get to a few more and really get my bearings down here. Got to meet Jake Bushing, who is quite cool, and he darn near got me to join the club to get some more F8. I’m also going to have to plan my NoVa winery visits more carefully too – since I’m going to maintain with my faves Arterra, Glen Manor, Linden, and Walsh. Sister and Favorite Brother-in-law (FBI) recommended AirBnB’ing along 81 out there…. hmmmm…

I have an awful lot to say about the awesome 2019 Arterra Red Release too.

So get ready peeps — I may not rename this thing, but I will absolutely pick it back up and you will get a whole slew of newly uneducated thoughts about wine and new-to-me wineries in due time.

Change is good.

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