No Haze on Hazy Mountain Today

So just cause, I got husband and two friends to go to Hazy Mountain today — one of the nicest fall weekends possible, clear, cool breeze, gorgeous day, and it wasn’t crowded.

Yup – it’s a terrible pic from inside the vehicle…. sorry…. but you get the gist.

Of course everyone was wowed by the scenery and facility first. One friend said it reminded him of the style of Napa wineries – the building had a Tuscan feel, etc. It truly is a gorgeous setting. The vines driving up are young, and they get a ton of fruit from “Little North Mountain” in the Shenandoah. It will be exciting to watch these mature and produce wine.

I’ve been here before, so I skipped the tasting flight. I went straight to ordering a glass of Pinot Noir for me and 2020 Rose for hubby. Of course, he doesn’t much care for wine, so I ended up with both. One friend did the tasting flight and liked the whites and pinot noir, and was less enthusiastic about the 2018 Petit Verdot. They also have great flatbread pizzas so we all ordered those – I got my margherita with sausage on it — yum.

I think one of the things besides the pinot and the setting that I like about this place is the systems they’ve put in place for serving. We reserved a table at the covered patio and it came with a QR code for ordering that allowed us to get everything, wine, water, food, diet coke…. delivered right to us. It’s a well designed system to take care of guests and allow you to just enjoy the space.

Really it is all about the scenery too – the mountain views are simply unparalleled. This spot is all about total relaxation and immersing yourself in the moment.

Honestly, this Pinot Noir shocked me. I knew about Ankida Ridge growing Pinot in va, but I didn’t know anyone else was producing it with much success. This is a stunning example – super drinkable and enjoyable, light and fruit forward with a decent balance of oak – you know I don’t like too much, and it was light enough that I loved it. They did really well with this.

It’s clearly an event space in the making – I expect lots of weddings and events — they seem to be planning for becoming a destination. But I hope they keep sight of making this good wine, and I cannot wait to see what they produce on those amazing slopes on the property. I’ll meet you here anytime.

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