Ankida Ridge Vin Blanc

So this one was an unexpected pleasure.

It came in the March Club shipment from Ankida. When I saw it on the list, I asked them about it and learned that it’s largely Chardonnay with some Sauvignon Blanc from Stinson (I have a whole draft post on Stinson from a year ago that I have never finished, and I will need to go back to do it justice now – but their SB was good).

This club shipment is a nice one – a Blanc de Noirs, two Rose of Pinot Noir (I traded their sweet wine for the rose since I rarely enjoy sweet wine), two Pinot Noir 2021 (now I have five tucked away!), a 2017 Reserve Pinot Noir, a 2020 Chardonnay, a Verday, and this bottle of Vin Blanc. I opened the Vin Blanc yesterday on a whim, thinking I might take in the 60 degrees on the porch with a fire. I ended up with Wheel of Fortune and this delicious treat.

This is a lovely crisp wine. The SB in it adds that dash of something between flowers and herbs to what I always think is the Chardonnay’s apple feel. The result is crisp and refreshing, and like the Verday and Rose of Pinot Noir is gonna be really fun in the summer!

I haven’t been in their club long enough to know if this is a new wine that they are playing with, or a wine they bring out at this point every year. Whatever it is, this one is a treat. Get to Ankida and get this wine!

It’s a heck of a view for a selfie too. This was our first trip there last Spring, when I immediately joined the club! 🙂

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