Mountain Run: A My Nova Wine Blog First… A guest post!

When my sister and Favorite Brother in Law (FBI) came to visit last week, they stopped at Culpepper’s Mountain Run Winery. This is the perfect opportunity for a first here on your favorite Wine Blog, a Guest Post!

I told Dan that he was very brave to let me ramble on about wine, but here it goes.
First I want to say how lucky I am.  In the span of a week I was able to taste Vermont’s sweet liquid gold, Maple Syrup, directly from the boiling pan (Shout out to my good friend at Leahy’s Maple Farm).  Now my wife and I get to enjoy the awesome wine of Virginia.   
On the drive to Dan’s (the guy that loves wine) we stopped for a picnic lunch and tasting at Mountain Run.  The driveway into the property was very welcoming with the tree-lined road that opened up to a parking area and tasting room.  It was a cool damp day so attendance was lite.  We spent time talking to the owner who was originally from Cambridge, just outside of Boston (so a fellow New Englander).  He has 36 acres total with 1200+ vines in the ground.  We chose to have two flights one of red (Merlot ’17-Cab Sav ’18-Meritage ’18-Petit Verdot ’21) and one white (Simple Chardonnay ’21-Oaked Chardonnay ’22-Dirt Road Rose ’21)
All were very good.  I highly recommend a stop at this venue.  You won’t be disappointed. 

–Favorite brother-in-law

They also shared their tasting notes with me, which include the following:

Merlot: Aromatic cherry, finish of toasty caramel

Charonnay: Clean and crisp, mineral forward, medium finish

Chardonnay (oaked): Reminders of fave CA Chardonnay

Rosé: light, warm weather, may need a little more time, but like it!

Cab: not as bold as expected. leather and tobacco. Opened up nicely.

Meritage: Animal and floral aroma. Very clean (jokingly described as turnip!) (but in a good way!)

Petition IV – -2021 – heavy tannin – felt older than 21. Good for beef and lamb.

I think they did a great job, and they clearly have a smarter palate than mine, what with identifying the smells and fruits and all.. They brought four bottles homewith them, and I’m hoping to try at least one when we get back to my house (we’re at the beach right now and binged on wines from my collection). Sounds like they want you to check out Mountain Run soon!

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