2018 is About the Journey

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

WordPress keeps that at the top of the first post you create on your free site, and it seems quite a propos.  Welcome to my rambling about my journey through Virginia Wine.  I’d spent about 10-12 years in a habit of visiting the same two or three Va wineries over and over, and decided that I should broaden my experience.  During the winter holidays in 2017 while at home watching my teenager excitedly destroy hundreds of dollars of gifts (that could have been good wine) I heavily googled Virginia wine and read up on wineries to maintain a list of those that I should definitely visit.  My husband and I have planned to retire and move away from this area in the next 5-8 years, so I feel like I have a time limit on my exploration, and I needed to get started.  So this year has been all about the journey, and I’ve hit 1-2 new to me wineries each month.

A serious life goal I have is to retire from my 70-hour per week job (which I love, I really do, but everything has its’ season) and pour wine at a tasting bar.  In my current professional life I have to make lots of high-impact, high-stakes decisions, and when I leave this role, the only decision I want to make is whether or not this customer deserves a heavier-than-normal pour.  If you own/manage a winery, please keep me in mind for your tasting room!

My goal here is to post about these visits and share what I’m loving in Virginia wine.  Hopefully people will actually read this and choose to comment with their impressions of those wineries, as well as share other wineries that they love.  Building a community of wine lovers who share tips on good tastings out there sounds like a great plan.

So thanks for coming along on this journey, hopefully you will try something out and like it!

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