A Few Visits to Greenhill

This place totally impressed me.  I stopped by with a friend back at the beginning of May and have been back four times since.  The setting is simply stunning – if you check out the image at the top, this is from the main tasting room porch – overlooking the grounds leading up to the vines.  The view of the trees and mountains in the distance is so calming and relaxing.  You’re in Middleburg so you’re not far from DC, and yet you feel like you are completely in the country and the city stress just oozes out of you.

They really set this up nice too.  The porch has ceiling fans running and keeps you shaded all day.  The tasting experience is awesome – no standing at a tasting bar, they come to you with each of the six wines on the flight ($14 tasting fee, waived if you join the wine club!).  You get a brief description and a nice pour.  Right now they start you with a blanc de blancs which is a nice bubbly chardonnay, made champagne style. You move to two more whites, a viognier and a chardonnay and both are pleasant and drinkable.  The chardonnay is one I have brought home a few bottles of, and enjoyed on hot summer evenings.  You move to two reds after that, and they shook this up recently, with a cab franc and a bordeaux blend on the menu – both were fantastic – not heavy or overwhelming, but really drinkable.  The current tasting finishes with a reisling, which was good, but not overly amazing.

My favorite thing they are making right now is a rose of syrah.

The Rose

I’ve brought a number of these home, and they are an awesome way to finish the day.  Dry, not sweet at all.  Very pleasant and rich, some fruit maybe even a cherry taste in it, but overall just awesome.  Leaves me refreshed every time.  This pic is from when I took my dad to the back porch and we did a tasting, the rose, and had a cheese plate.

The quality of service you get is awesome – they have plenty of staff and don’t seem to get slammed/overwhelmed.  It’s a 21+ only winery, so there aren’t kids running around and it’s really a great place to relax.

So of course, being me, I joined the wine club.  This gives you a few awesome benefits, and is a good value.  The agreement is 12 bottles in a year, and you can set it up how you like – 2 bottles every other month, 3 bottles a quarter, 6 bottles twice a year or 12 bottles at once.  You do have to pick up on their ship date, but you can trade bottles out for what you want/love.  In exchange, you get 15% off bottle purchases and two free tastings in the tasting room.  You also get access to the Club Member Lounge in the main tasting room.  Best thing tho:  You get access to the clubhouse – a 100+ year old home on the property overlooking the pond, where you can reserve tastings (free for up to four people if reserved in advance) – same high quality service, same amazing wines.  Inside is well-appointed and pleasant, and outside there are shady areas to enjoy your wine and the views.


Overall, I highly recommend this place for a visit, and it’s one of my go-to’s for friends and family visiting.  It just hit the fifth anniversary of opening, and hopefully it has many more to go!


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