Wild Boar Sanglier Noble

20180831_192621I opened this baby up last night and am finishing it tonight (Friday).  From Stone Tower under their Wild Boar label, this blend has some nice depth to it.  My wine education isn’t strong enough *yet* to use all the right words, so I’ll just use my own to talk about it.

It’s heavy on cab sauv, so it’s not a shocker I like it.  Lots of boldness – it’s strong and you know it when you smell it and when you take your first sip.  I don’t know what pro tasters will tell you but I get nice dark fruit – blackberry comes to mind, and something warm too at the end of the sip – this is gonna be a great bottle in the winter.  It’s deep and dark and not for the faint of heart.  This is really how I like my reds – bold.  I don’t it to be soft or sweet, or subtle – I want it to have a lot of power in the first taste – some fruit and earth and tobacco kinda stuff going on so that you really feel it in your mouth.

I drank it after we had burgers for dinner, and I’m guessing that it’s going to be great with red meat, because of the heaviness and depth of the cab in this blend.

The grapes are not Virginia (*sigh*) but it’s produced and bottled in Virginia.  Only the Estate-labeled wines at Stone Tower are their own Virginia grapes.  I’m guessing these were from California, home of big cabs.  It definitely can claim that title.

Stone Tower is a massive winery, on a gorgeous piece of land.  Club membership gets you nice discounts, although some of the wines are a little bit pricey.  I joined anyway – they make a great blanc de blancs, and their Wild Board Sauvignon Blanc is pretty amazing too.  This red is a nice drinkable wine, although the price point is a little higher than I like.  The winery itself has one kid- and dog-friendly building/tasting room, and then a 21+ only tasting room with a club member lounge.  Lots of spaces to rent for events too…. and the patio areas have great sweeping views of the pond and mountains in the distance.  It’s close to Leesburg and the major highways, so it gets CROWDED on the weekends, but it’s still a nice time.  They often have food trucks, and on the last club member package pickup day they had raw oysters for sale!  Check it out for a good afternoon!

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