The Fauquier Winter Holiday Wine Trail Pass

While tasting at Naked Mountain last week, Wine Friend 2 and I purchased the Fauquier County Holiday Wine Trail Pass.  This is a limited-time, December and January deal.  For $16, you get your current tasting free, a glass with the Fauquier County logo and a snowflake, and a pass to 10 Fauquier wineries that give you Two for One tastings in your gift glass and 10% off purchases.


Now several of these I’ve already been through….. Arterra, Naked Mountain and Slater Run, and I’ve already got member discounts at Arterra.  Nonetheless, this is a great deal and great promotion to get me out to more wineries to see what they have to offer and to promote Fauquier business.  Well done! As if I needed urging to visit more wineries!


It also leaves out a few of the big guns like RdV and Linden, although I guess they aren’t worried about bringing business in, they have a strong draw already.

Since Winding Road and Boxwood are still part of the 2018 list, they’re up soon, along with Blue Valley perhaps.  Here is the full Fauquier County Wine Trail.

Since it runs through the end of January 2019, there is plenty of time to use it, and since Wine Friend 2 works many weekends, I will need company, so consider jumping on board and getting one and joining me at one of these spots!

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