RdV Release Shipment Arrives!

And just like that, the RdV seasonal wines I ordered showed up via FedEx and a special trip to FedEx drop location from husband to pick stuff up for me…. :).


Never having tasted them, I ordered four bottles of the “2016 Friends and Family” red blend and two of the “Seven Silos” 100% cabernet franc.

They get bonus points for serious packaging and a really cool box.


Since the Rendezvous was incredible and the Lost Mountain was really stunning, I am very hopeful these will also be really good, these are their lower price point wines.

They will sell out in no time, which is why I jumped on them.  If you’re interested, you should too!  If you’ve tried them, or been to RdV, leave a comment and share your thoughts.   I’ll let you know what I think too…..

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