Wines for the Holidays?

I asked on Thanksgiving, so I’ll ask for this holiday too – what is on your menu for Christmas/Holiday  dinner?

We’ll be celebrating Christmas this year, and I’m thinking we will once again start with a lovely Greenhill Blanc de Blancs.  This sets the tone, especially with cheese and crackers as you gear up for the big meal.  Tomorrow I may grab dad and head to Greenhill for blanc de blancs with caviar pairing. I’ve never done that, and it could be really fun.


For dinner, which will be steak this year, I want something really big and bold, something that will wow me and play off a medium rare cut of filet very well.  My first thought was to pair with the Linden Hardscrabble Red I bought a week or so back.  That could be an incredible match.  It’s a really amazing blend with dark fruit and earth that will complement the steak well.  A stronger red like a Tannat could be good too, but it may overpower the flavors in the meat.  Perhaps it’s a good time to open the RdV Seven Silos Cab Franc, and see what that is about?


What’s on your table for the holidays, whichever ones you celebrate?

2 thoughts on “Wines for the Holidays?

  1. Just like the WHOs down in Who-ville we are having roast beast…so we have our choice of a couple of Arterra… Tannat or Cab Franc (great gift we received). There is also a blend from La Bauge in Quebec, Ca – TERRO that should go nicely. My guess is all three will be gone at the end of the day. Merry Christmas!

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