Back to the Mountain Before the Snow!

Today Wine Friend 2 and I hit the road very early (no pun intended) to get to Early Mountain when they opened, and beat the snow home.  We succeeded in our plan, thanks to some babysitting from First and Only Son for WF 2’s grandkids.  Teenagers come in handy from time to time.

It’s a little bit under a two-hour drive to Early Mountain from the NovaWine base, and it’s worth all of it.  We got there as they opened and were the first at the bar for tasting.  Stephanie helped us out, and remembered me from the last time (woohoo!)  We paid the upgrade for the “Cheers” tasting of nine wines, which I wrote about here.  Unfortunately, Rise is off the menu as they have moved the remaining cases into library (and probably saved some for the Virginia Governor’s Cup competition in a few months).  But the yummy Brut Sparkling is on there instead, and is a nice end to the tasting.

Wine Friend 2 loved many of the wines, and saw a few truly special ones.  We agreed that the Etlan was really strong and one of the best red blends, although she didn’t like the Novum as much as I did.  The Etlan is a bit darker, and that depth appeals to me (I ended up bringing one Etlan and one Novum home with me).

We also enjoyed the lunch in the restaurant, and with that, the red flight – featuring an Ankida Ridge Pinot Noir, Cab Franc ’17, Etlan, and the RdV Friends and Family. I was really excited to have the Friends and Family again, as two bottles are relaxing in the home cellar, being held for some special occasion. The Ankida Ridge Pinot Noir was very nice – dark in color but lighter in taste, with good fruit to it.  It went well with the overall flight, especially knowing the other wines, I was pleased that it was at the front.

Lest you think I am only about the wine, I had a repeat of the tomato bisque and grilled cheese, and loved every bite.  WF2 found the pimento cheddar with gluten-free crackers and the roasted butternut squash salad much to her liking.  We finished with their awesome creme brulee.

We left just as the snow was starting.


So now I’m at home, thinking about inside-out jammies for Sunday night and sipping on the Novum.


I’m hoping that Co-Pilot doesn’t judge the toaster in the background there.  This is a great bottle and a lot of attention went into the details, from the new logo to the topographical map with ridges on the label (with the red triangle pointing out exactly where Early Mountain is on that map).  Everything about this experience is meant to wow you.  They succeed.

Another great trip to early mountain.  Who’s game for the next one?  I saw something about OysterFest 3/9 & 3/10!!! (I think).

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