Virginia Wine Medal Winners 2019

Well, the medals have been posted, and of course I have thoughts on these. 🙂

The full list is here.  I can only really speak to those I’ve visited, and that’s where this article will focus.

868 Vineyards – I did like their meritage reserve.  While many of their wines weren’t really my style, this was one I brought two bottles of home with me.  It’s a good wine, a good silver medal choice.

Aspen Dale wines – I was pretty shocked to see them on the list – I was not overly impressed during our visit, but good for them – they are making stuff that someone out there really loves.  I did think the Rockawalkin’ was the best in their lineup, and it got them a bronze.

Bozzo’s 2nd Act got a silver – this is a nice Bordeaux blend.  I cannot wait to see where this winery goes – it’s getting attention and thus selling out too fast to keep up with demand and releasing young wines.  Hopefully demand will stabilize and supply will catch up.

Casanel’s Carmenere – only got a silver?  This is an outstanding wine, and deserves more recognition, and in the NoVaWineBlog hall of fame, it definitely earned a gold and hearty recommendation.  I’m really surprised by the silver.  Their Cab Sauv was solid too.

Early Mountain had a lot on the list, and well-deserved.  I haven’t opened my Eluvium yet because I’m afraid – I want to hold on since it is sold out.  The Novum is a great blend, and I like that one a lot (it’s also sold out). Their Cab Franc and Petit Manseng are solid too, so good to see them with lots of medals.

Greenhill’s Chardonnay Reserve got a gold, which is well-deserved too.  As a rule, I’m not the biggest chardonnay fan, but this is a super-solid chardonnay, and deserves this away.  The petit verdot is solid too, though young.  The Viognier I was just not that crazy about, so I’m surprised to see it getting a medal.

Narmada took a number of medals home – my favorite of theirs was their malbec, and that wasn’t on this list at all.  They’re worth another visit.

Philip Carter – If I recall Correctly (IIRC) the Cortoman that took the silver home, was my favorite on the list.  So a medal there is deserved.

Winery at La Grange came in with a handful of medals, all on good wines, I think all with their Virginia grown grapes.  Last summer’s rose got a silver, and it was outstanding, so I’m happy to see it on the list.  Well done!

Two Twisted Posts came in with several medals, but none of what I think is their best wine, the Thomas Great.  Maybe they didn’t submit it?

It’s interesting to note that Virginia Wineworks, the Michael Shaps over-arching brand, took home about a bazillion medals.  This group takes over Greenhill starting with the 2018 harvest, and so we will see their influence there shortly.  They also bought Shenandoah Vineyards, and have lots of other influences throughout the state.

Favorites Arterra, Linden, and Stone Tower did not even enter, as far as I can tell, so no medals for them.  It makes me a little sad, because I think Arterra and Linden are definitely representing the best of what Virginia has to offer.

So at the end of the day, Congrats to ALL the medalists, many of whom I hope to visit in the coming months.  As I shared in the Feedback post, even if I don’t enjoy your wine, I respect the artistry and craft you put into creating your product.

Got a favorite on the list? Or a shocker? Or just some NoVaWineBlog feedback? Leave a comment!

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