Rabbit Corkscrew – Before We Went Pro

A million years ago, when I started drinking any amount of wine at all, I used to break all the corks.  Being a heathen and drinking grocery store wine, I simply shoved the remaining cork into the bottle and poured, fished out any chunks of cork floating in my glass, and sipped away.

True Story.

A dear friend, who had great sympathy for my plight, gave me a rabbit corkscrew gift set one day, and it changed my life.  No longer would I have to struggle with the waiter’s corkscrew tool and fiddle with it and occasionally even break the glass on the bottle while trying to get to the wine.  The Rabbit literally made it impossible to screw up and break the cork or do any damage at all.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 7.00.59 AM

Original Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Opener

Now there are a thousand variations, and there are electric ones, and there are generic imitation ones too.  If you follow the link, you can get entire kits that include bottle stoppers and their awesome bubbly stopper that preserves the bubble inside for you.

The Rabbit lasts forever too.  I don’t use mine as often anymore, I’ve had a lot of practice with a regular corkscrew (and a few favorite spots are doing twist caps now), but I pull it out and 20 years later its still awesome.

I’m in need of new stoppers, especially one for bubbly, and I’m ordering these.  If you have other ones that you’ve ordered and love, please comment and recommend!

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 7.06.41 AM.png

Vacuum Wine Stopper and Champagne Stopper with a Built-In Pressure Pump Creates Sealed Environment to Preserve Wine and Champagne Longer Freshness, ABS &FDA Silicone Stoppers, 3PCS, E4go

I’ll let you know how they do! Don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out the full product review page!

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