Saturday Stop Two at Two Twisted Posts

Stop Two was supposed to be another new-to-me winery, the Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards.  I pulled up and the music was really loud and the parking lot was full.  I parked and cracked the door to walk in and it was wall to wall people, and the noise almost did me in.  I don’t love crowded, loud spaces, so I’ll have to come back later to check them out at opening, so I can avoid the noise.  I’ll get there :).  I pulled out and debated an unplanned stop, and settled on a revisit to Two Twisted Posts.  They had a few new releases and I wanted to stop in.  They were also involved in the Loudoun County Barrel Tasting Event that I neglected to buy tickets for and register for, and their slots filled up.


I love Two Twisted Posts.  This is one spot where I am a member, and they have a membership program where you earn a year membership with purchase of a case.  That was easy for me since the 2015 Chardonnay was incredible and their reds are solid.  Wine Friend 1 helped too.  Membership gets you nice discounts.  They also have great events, especially when Brother Shuckers Oyster Truck comes and serves fresh oysters on the half shell.  Now that’s a good summer day.

20190202_1436071864254944790343340.jpgSandy was running my tasting, and Casey, the tasting bar manager, was also there.  We started with the recently release 2016 Chardonnay.  This one had been in the barrel on the lees for a while, and it had a much “toastier” taste than the 15.  It was good, but I missed some of the crisper feel of the 2015.

Next up was the 2014 Cab Franc.  I like this cab franc, and brought a bottle home for the Virginia Cab Franc taste off I plan to hold sometime in the near-ish future.  It was a light to medium bodied red and pleasant.  This cab franc doesn’t have the green feel that Virginia Cab Franc can sometimes have.

The 2014 Cabernet Suavignon.  More medium-bodied, with dark fruit, and very earthy.  The tasting card describes it as silky, and that is a good word.  This is a good one by the fire or firepit.

The 2013 Petit Verdot.  There was a lot of darkness in the smell of this one, but the taste was pleasant and soft, with some of the typical PV astringency at the end.  This is a good petit verdot, and I still have a bottle on the rack.  This is waiting for the Va Petit Verdot Taste off…… are you coming?


My big favorite, the 2015 Thomas Great – their big Bordeaux Blend – This one is medium to heavy, and it’s a great red blend.  It’s super-drinkable, and I’m thinking I’ll have it while I do work for the week on Sunday.  I missed this one, and foresee good things for it moving forward.

I got a sample of the almost-released Don’t Call Me A Cab, a very light red that is chilled.  It got a great name from some cabernet sauvignon grapes that were too plump and juicy to make a solid dark red, and the winemaker held them and finally decided to release a chilled light red wine.  Now she’s doing it with chambourcin (a grape I typically don’t care at all for) and it’s pleasant.  I remember the previous one being a bit sweeter, but this one was soft and smooth.  It’s not one I would choose or seek, since this really isn’t my sort of thing, but if you like chilled reds that are *almost* sweet, you’ll like this one.

The “Sweet Life” white blend – I’m pretty sure this is a new release… this time around the blend isn’t as sweet and has crispness.  Sweet really isn’t my thing.

Finally the vidal blanc, 2013.  This also has residual sugar in it, which you know I don’t care for.  In the summer they did a sangria with it, and that was fun.

They packed a good crowd in for the barrel tasting event.  They have a smaller tasting room area, but will be working to expand as they move forward.

So I picked up two Thomas Great – one for dad and one for me, along with the cab franc.  This is a place I go back to over and over.  Wine Friend 1 and I found it by accident, because we went to a nearby winery we didn’t like at all, and someone at the bar recommended we stop at Two Twisted Posts.  She steered us in the right direction and saved that day for sure.

Have you been? What did you think?

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