New Developments

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. June is the month my work life goes more than a little bit nuts. Now we’re slowing down (and actually getting ready to go away for a week at the beach).

Since the hiatus, there is a new Blog Friend…. who is actually the fan I mentioned a few months ago at the Arterra Virginia Terroir class. I doubt that I can take credit for him starting a blog, since some big names out there in Virginia Wine encouraged him to do it some time ago, but it’s cool to see someone who reads the blog is now writing his own. Kudos to Matt! If I can figure out Wonky WordPress I will add you to the links on the site here….

Speaking of next week at the beach, this will be the inaugural attempt at a Virginia Varietal tasting event. I’ll bring a few sauv blanc and we’ll do a taste off one night and use those cool Wine Folly tasting placemats to guide the discussion. Assuming husband doesn’t divorce me on the spot for blogging on vacation, we can write it up in the blog while at the beach too.

And of course, July will be interview month. This is the month I plan to start going to wineries and will try to interview owners/winemakers about their process and their wine. Each interview will become a feature in the blog here, full of their thoughts on what they want to be known for and why you should choose them for your next Virginia Wine Hangout™. If you have connections to winemakers and owners, I’d love to gently exploit them. Given that I still work a 40+ hour per week job, we’re looking at Sat/Sun interviews, which I recognize are not easy since those are primetime for customer interaction, and that’s very important to their business. I’m willing to come early in the day for the discussion, as early as they’ll meet with me, so as to not interfere with business. Good connections with Arterra, Walsh and La Grange are first on the list in July, so stay tuned for those. If you can assist with a hookup, leave a note in the comments or use the CONTACT form so we can work that connection angle.

I’m working to finish up a follow-up article on climate change and wine too – one I started in April (gasp) before the job work pace accelerated rapidly and that may come shortly.

Right now I’m finishing off another Arterra Chenin Blanc, and like I told you, it’s sold out before June is done. As difficult as 2018 was for wine growing in Virginia, this has been an outstanding white wine, and the three bottles left in my collection are under protection now. I do see differences in the overall brightness when compared with the 2017 – there is a muted effect to the flavor in this wine, but it still has the sharpness that I originally loved.

You know you’ve missed the toaster and cups. You have.

So bear with me as we go through the next few weeks here, hopefully we will have some general discussions of specific wines and varietals here in the coming weeks and get you excited for more!

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