Early Mountain Soif

I had my doubts and questioned the wisdom of chilled red wine.

I thought for sure I would regret the decision to move forward with pouring this out of the fridge.

But Soif and beach combine beautifully.


We had a hot day, getting to the beach and doing a lot of walking around before we could check into the beach house and settle down.  Being old men, we get tired easily, so after getting everything inside, snacking and wine drinking ensued.

We began the celebration with a party in a bottle, with Greenhill’s Blanc de Blancs.  Beach friends did enjoy this tremendously, and agreed that it was a party in a bottle.  Husband forgot that he liked it and tried to claim he didn’t, only to be surprised when he enjoyed a sip of mine.  We killed the bottle quickly.

Next up was the Soif.

Why yes, Virginia, you can chill a red!

As a 2018 Virginia Red, our expectations are lower because the reds won’t be full and exciting because of the wet weather last summer and during harvest.  But this has the flavors combining in fun ways.  We debated cherry versus plum and a hint of cinnamon.  Husband sipped for a while and couldn’t figure out what he thought he was tasting.

With the 93 degree heat and sun beating on us, and a long day of walking, Soif definitely hit the spot.  I recommend this one, it’s a good red with a light chill that makes it fun outside on the porch.  The porch is screened in and covered, or else the weather would make it intolerable… of course.

This is the first of our beach series with Virginia wine.  The friends brought Pippin Hill and Afton Mountain with them, so it will be a lovely week of Virginia Wine, and I expect to be posting a lot.  Get ready!!

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