What We Drank Last Night 7/3/19 Edition (Beach Week)

Well, last night was a departure from Rosé as we returned to Virginia white wines and enjoyed them in the comfort of our rental home for the week.

First up, Glen Manor’s Dry Petit Manseng.  As you recall, even Husband liked this wine.


We opened this and finished it quickly after a very hot day on the beach.  The usual standard fruit notes – really nice grapefruit and acidity to refresh on the front porch with a book.

Doctor friend thoroughly enjoyed it, so we will need to bring him along on a trip to Glen Manor.

After the Dry Petit Manseng was finished, we moved on to the Winery at La Grange White Meritage.  This refreshing blend is awesome, pairing sauvignon blanc with semillón for a slightly sweet and floral white wine.  Rats, I could saved it for the sauvignon blanc comparison tasting.  Oh well.  The half-bottle in the fridge could be our warm up tonight!


Again, doctor friend enjoyed this too.

We headed out to dinner but decided enough was enough for one night and relaxed after that wine, enjoying water and diet coke with our Italian food for dinner.  No exotic and interesting wines from the restaurant in this write-up.

As we gain houseguests today, and the owners of the beach house we’re renting are in their apartment above the garage, we’re potentially inviting them over for the Sauvignon Blanc taste-off tonight.

We have three single varietal sauvignon blancs to taste from this afternoon… we will feature Walsh’s current sauvignon blanc from 2017, Linden’s 2016 Avenius sauvignon blanc, and Boxwood’s 2017 sauvignon blanc.  All three are pure Virginia, and I happen to love all three.  I cannot wait to see what the crew thinks as we compare and enjoy!

We’d love to get your thoughts and notes on these wines too!

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