What We Drank Last Night 7/2/19 Edition

It’s vacation, and we’re drinking lots of Virginia and Non-Virginia wines during our stay. I’ve written about our first and second nights already, and here is a third.

First up, the promised Pippin Hill Rose. This rose was a little more tart with more cherry-ish notes to it.


We enjoyed this wine tremendously, although in comparison to the Afton and that amazing After Hours Grenache rose, it doesn’t come up quite as high.  We definitely enjoyed it, and it had the pink color we love in rose.  We had no problem at all finishing the bottle.  I’m not likely to purchase another bottle, but we did enjoy this wine.

Off to dinner to a new spot.  The Blue Hen.  We had not been here before, and didn’t know what to expect, but husband saw fried chicken on the menu and had to go.  We actually also got Only Son to come along too.  The dinner itself was pleasant, I had scallops, and son had biscuits and then ordered himself the octopus appetizer.  Doctor Friend (I keep testing names for this one until I come up with a good one) chose a sparkling rose from the menu to go along with everything…… and it was a nice French Cremant du Jura.  When I searched it online to link, all I could find what the chardonnay version, although one reseller had the one made from pinot noir, which this had to be.


Sparkling, nice bubbles with the first taste hitting you being apricot.  We had no difficulty at all finishing this bottle.  While it didn’t necessarily pair in a formal way with scallops, you know we are less about that and more about the fun wine.

We’ve been super rose-heavy lately, so tonight I’m really planning on some dry petit manseng or maybe the white meritage.  Watch for the updates!

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