Three Great Ones to Taste Before They’re Gone

Yeah…… I drank the whole thing.

These are three amazing bottles I’ve had in the past week or so that I think you should know about.  I absolutely love them in their own special way, and they’re wines you should grab fast before they go.

First up:

Walsh Family Wine’s Plateau Pet Nat.


I think I’ve raved about this a few times.  It’s rosé and it has bubbles.  And it’s really good.  Don’t be scared by a little bit of sediment in the bottle – those are the yeast that gave their lives so you could partake in wonderfulness.  I rate this better than sparkling rosé in general because it’s got the great fruit flavor and joy that is part of the Twin Notch Rosé but has the added fun of the bubbles, less so than a blanc de blancs or champagne-style wine would have but enough that you smile as you sip.  Husband doesn’t like this one, but also doesn’t like rosé in general.  This one is low production, so you’ll want to get in there soon, if they haven’t sold out yet!  I have one bottle left and that is promised to someone who grabbed a bottle of October 1 Vineyards merlot for me (as long as she delivers! This is akin to a hostage situation!)

Next up – Bozzo Family Vineyards 2nd Act.


I opened this one up while still at the beach.  It’s a nice red blend, albeit a little bit on the young side.  Bozzo sources these grapes from Maggie Malick in general and makes this good blend.  It has some oak in it, and it has nice depth overall.  I think this is a good blend, and I wonder how it well age.  Dad absolutely loved this one when he tasted it a few months ago too.  So did the aforementioned Pet Nat/ O1V promissory note wine friend.  I’m interested in watching Bozzo develop as he transitions to his own grapes and grows his production.  He’s doing some very interesting stuff and is one to keep an eye on!

Finally, today I finished off this bottle of 2018 Arterra Rosé.


You know I love Arterra, and every release makes me giddy.  And the recent White Wine release was no different.  This rosé is cab franc heavy, and it’s a really nice cab franc, lower in acid and crisp fruit.  This is such an easy-to-drink wine, and it’s so perfect on a hot day.  This is one of Arterra’s higher production wines, and supplies are likely to last into the fall, but it’s perfect at this time of year, at this time of the early evening.

Do you have thoughts to share on these three?  Share them in the comments!

And don’t forget to join in on the first NoVa Wine Club book discussion, starting tomorrow!

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