Family Trip to Bozzo Family Vineyards

With family in town, the first order of business was a trip west to some wineries of course! And westward we went, stopped at Two Twisted Posts and Bozzo.


They’ve sold out of the 2016 La Famiglia, which was a wonderful and light red blend, and they’ve had to put some 2017s that are young on their tasting menu:


Starting off with the pleasant petit manseng – a great example of what petit manseng in Virginia can be.  Crisp and citrussy, Super drinkable and dear husband even liked it!  I think this is a nice drinkable white wine, and great for summer and fall….

Murph, the Chardonnay, was pleasant.  Remember that I hate oakey chardonnay, and there is no oak in this one.  It’s also crisp and clean.  While the grapes I think are sourced from other wineries (Maggie Malick, I think?) it does present as fresh and crisp and not overly processed.  This was my fave chardonnay here.

The Carolyn was an oakier chardonnay – but not overly so – they avoided putting too much of the commercialized oakiness in it.  Good, but I preferred the Murph.

Edward, the cab sauv, was lovely, if a bit young.  The server shared that they ran out of the 2016s and had to choose between closing and serving very young 2017 reds.  While it was young, it had a nice flavor and showed real potential.  It really needs a year or so in the bottle to settle in and develop, but it will probably get there.  It’s a nice one!

La Famiglia – I had the 2016 a few months before at my first visit here, and the 2017 was way too young.  I suspect it will develop and be super drinkable just like the 2016, but it wasn’t showing well quite yet.  The 2016 was a pleasant light red blend, an excellent everyday red table wine.  This one will get there too.

2nd Act:  A lovely Bordeaux blend – nice and rich – also showing tremendous potential for aging.  It got them a few medals in their first year of production, and deserves them.  This one hits the palate nicely.  I brought a few bottles home so I could see what they would do over the winter.  I think this will be their flagship wine, at least for the time being.

This winery has plans.  The owner wasn’t there when we visited, but previously he shared some of the plans for the space with me.  There will be a new larger tasting room and space, with the current space becoming the office for the winery.  He is definitely on the right track.  Watch this place, it’s going to be great!

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