Taking Stock

September has been a slow writing month.  There has been a lot going on with family “stuff,” and a massive job change.  I’m sad to say the days of 10-12 posts a month may well be past me.

Within that though, there are still other directions for this blog.  It’s not like I’ve stopped having a glass or two of great Virginia wine, I’m just not on the road west and south quite as much.  When I look at the post frequency for other wine blogs, I note that I tend to get very hyper and post a lot, writing about every single winery I visit, whereas many post once or twice a month.  One blogger friend just does these large-scale tours, takes copious notes, and then writes about each winery as he gets time.  There may be a lesson in that for me.

Other bloggers out there are young, skinny, and blond and takes lots of selfies in the vines and that is the majority of each post.  I’m not sure we’re after the same market here.

Did you really want a post with lots of this ugly mug in it?

I tried hard with the online book club, but I think the last post got a whopping two hits.  Either the book was a bad choice, or this is just the wrong format.  Live and learn.  Maybe we’ll try again, but with a whole book response rather than chapter by chapter blow-by-blow.

Winemaker interviews have gotten a big response so far, and four are in the bag.  I have one agreement from Jeff White at Glen Manor to talk after the harvest is done, and I’m looking forward to that.  I will hope to line others up throughout the winter months as I can….. looking at you Jim Law, maybe someone else in Loudoun? Dare I request someone like Ben Jordan or Maya Hood White from Early Mountain? (Not sure this venue has the stature to request these big names, but you can always ask, right?).

Q&A with Jason Murray, Arterra

Farm it the Way you Want it to Taste, Nate Walsh

There is No I in Team: Seth Chambers, La Grange

Taking her Seat at the Table, Katie DeSouza Henley, Casanel

My biggest hope is that beloved husband will consent to my 49th birthday party being a Petit Verdot taste-off by the firepit on the patio.  One winemaker agreed to attend if provided enough notice (true fanboy here), and I’d even treat to bubbly and some secret family appetizer recipes if we can make this happen.  Right now there are (I think) 11 bottles of Va Petit Verdot in my collection, so watch out.  This could be quite an event, and I’d love to see what people think of them all!  It would be one heck of a post too, I think.  That can be followed up by a tannat taste-off and a cab franc taste-off.  Fingers crossed.  If you have pull with him, please exercise that as you see fit.

So summer is winding into fall.  Here in Northern Virginia we have wound past False Fall, when it dipped into the low 50s at night, and we’re back in Second Summer with the high 80s and low 90s – and the lack of rain right now means the red grapes that are getting ready for harvest should produce simply incredible wine in about 2-4 years.  More fingers and toes crossed, especially after 2018.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to Arterra’s vineyard tour and co-pilot’s first visit there.  Can’t wait to see what she thinks of the wine and setting!  What does your fall hold with Virginia Wine?

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