Busy Bluemont

After a long week, Wine Friend 1 and I made it to Bluemont.  I’d been looking to go here since a trusted winemaker recommended it as a good spot to stop and enjoy some wine.

Bluemont is beautiful.  It’s a simply stunning site.

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It’s located on a gorgeous hillside and completely surrounded by farmland.  Peace and tranquility surround you.  Until about 1000 other show up.  Even so, the outdoor space is broad enough that you can settle down and enjoy your glass and a tasting board and soak nature in.


We had the elevated flight, choosing the guided options with wines that appeared a little more premium.

First up was their 2018 Chardonnay.  I cringed when I read mineral in the description.  I mostly got the apple from it and some crisp citrus flavor, with a hint of mineral at the end.  We both liked it, and debated it for the porch.

Second up was the Viognier, nicknamed “The Goat.”


They get bonus points for clever labels.  I am not a fan of Viognier in general and rarely enjoy it.  This wasn’t a bad wine, but it had the characteristic flavors of Viognier to it.

Next up: 2017 Petit Manseng.  This was an interesting wine.  It was dry, but like Petit Manseng always does, it really wants you to think it’s sweet.  This was a nicely done version, and I’d enjoy this on a hot day.

The 2016 Ascent is a Bordeaux-style blend, predominantly merlot.  WF1 loved this.  I thought it was a nice lighter blend with no particular flavor dominating it.  She ended up with a glass of this.

The 2017 merlot was my winner, and the descriptor of red fruit and pomegranate came through. I chose this glass because it was a solid representation of the better aspects of Virginia merlot – pleasant and fruity without overwhelming anyone.

I shared with the tasting bar associate that I despise Norton.  He took this as a challenge and brought forward the 2015 and 2016 Nortons to taste.  The 15 had chambourcin in it.  I also don’t care too much for chambourcin, so this wasn’t one I liked.  The 16 was 100% Norton, and the same vegetative characteristics that I always dislike in Norton – just a green murky taste with hints of spice to it.  I supposed I may actually like Norton if it were mulled, maybe.  But true to me, I didn’t care for either of these wines.

So we took off for the patio with our glasses and our tasting board.  At this point the scene was livelier and more crowded.  Live music started up.

This is a good winery to visit for a celebration, or if you are your GGFs are hanging out and bringing the kids along – it’s kid friendly and there is plenty of space.  However, the scene is a little overwhelming and if tranquility is what you seek, you won’t find it here.  I found the wine to be pretty middle of the road.  I’d come back with a big group, but you’d have to make this the first stop of the day in order to park reasonably close and be able to settle in somewhere to enjoy the scenery.  I’m thinking that in the winter when it gets colder and outdoor seating is closed, this will be more crowded and noisy and less pleasant for visits, but we shall see.

Have you been? What were your impressions?

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