La Grange 2017 Albariño

I found this gem tucked away in my wine fridge having a great time.  I thought I was completely out of it, but now I realize that this was to be stored until next Spring…  OOOPS.  They released the 2016, I think in the winter of 2017-2018.  I bought a bunch in March 2018 knowing it would be a good summer white wine.  It did not disappoint – I started having it in the Spring when the afternoons were warmer, and it was amazing.  I fairly quickly depleted my stash, and La Grange sent a message saying they were nearly out of Albariño. :(. Until the 2017 is released next year.

It’s not a Virginia grape, at least not much, though a quick google search yielded that there are 9 wineries in Virginia currently growing it.  La Grange, sadly, is not one, they sourced their grapes elsewhere.  It will be interesting to see if this is one that takes hold here as time goes on.

This wine is so crisp and nice.  I get a ton of green apple with this one.  Probably some apricot too – that “astringent pull the moisture out of the mouth” feeling.  I’m wondering if that is because this is young or whether it’s typically that way.   But the flavors are great.  Goes great with good cheese like a goat cheese, and I think it’s very nice after your dinner paired with whatever you’re having for dessert (don’t forget I have an as yet uneducated palate, so you shouldn’t expect me to talk about pairing with chicken breast topped with gorgonzola and a balsamic reduction). Frankly, it stands wonderfully on its own on a hot night or sitting at the kitchen table watching the rain outside (right now).

This is a relatively inexpensive bottle at La Grange too.  At $30, (and as a member you get 20% or more off) you’re getting a solid bottle of wine that you can really enjoy.  They had it as a wine of the month back in March, and that’s when it’s time to stock up because it’s discounted and delicious.

So take a moment and add Albariño to your summer white list – it’s a pretty awesome wine, even if young!

Next weekend I’ll make a trek out there with wine friend 1 and wine friend 2, for their club member special day – can’t wait to see the flights they will taste!

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