Breaux Rose and Breauxmance

I’m writing about these a couple of days after having them.  We went to Breaux last weekend and so we sampled from the 2017 Rose and 2015 Breauxmance, and it was all good.

The 2017 Rose is young, and it feels young, but is still dry and pleasant.  I’m loving the abundance of Virginia Rose that is not sweet at all, but rather dry and drinkable.  As with most of my summer wine ventures, this one is perfect for the deck on a hot summer night, and with the one bottle I have left I hope it will end up good by the firepit on a cooler fall night.  If I really behave myself, I will wait until 2019 to open the other bottle so I can see how it will age.  We’ll see.

Now the Breauxmance is another story.


(Sorry for gratuitous pic of teen in background).  Husband and I sampled this, husband complained (as he does about ALL bubbly Virginia wine) that it tasted like beer.  I completely disagree (as I always do with him when it comes to wine!).

This is a bubbly rose that is incredible.  It’s not sweet fruity champagne-style wine.  It has the same wonderful crisp citrus stuff going on as in the rose, but the addition of the bubbles gives it some depth and character.  It’s literally fun to drink this wine.  This is one I would happily serve at a party or when entertaining, as a before dinner warm up and welcome for guests, or just to relax after a long day.  Speaking of which, we are way overdue for entertaining!

The two of these are great reasons to visit Breaux.  While I was less impressed with the whites, and I wanted to sample a broader range of reds at the tasting bar, these two have convinced me I need to go back there at some point soon and check out their offerings.

Thumbs up and here’s to a great Breauxmance!

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