Two Twisted Posts’ Chardonnay 2015

It’s Friday and I’m in need of wine.  It was a short but LONG week.

This is the perfect end of summer wine.  Amazing on hot days because it’s crisp and refreshing. Citrus comes in but no buttery oakey business that I can’t stand!

I’ll make a visit out there soon and write about the winery itself, but suffice it say that Wine Friend and I found it by accident, we went to a winery that we really didn’t like at all, and another patron there recommend this visit.  We went, and we were enthralled.

It was the Chardonnay that did it too.  The pourer told us about all kinds of awards and medals it won, especially as the winery was just opening and wasn’t on the map and didn’t have a tasting room and they had to erect a tent as a temporary tasting room while they build one because they wound up in the Governor’s Case.  Great back story to a good wine.

This is truly an easy drink.  Whether you eat it with food or not, it’s simple and pleasant.  It has that citrussy and silky chardonnay quality that is crisper than what I like to call “Grocery Store Chardonnay.”  Not acidic, you can enjoy it before dinner, after dinner, with ice cream sandwiches, or on the deck when it’s hot outside.  It’s fitting that this is my last bottle, because summer is winding down, so we need to switch to the reds to warm up for the winter.

The winery itself is somewhat less traveled, it’s further down the road from big wineries like 868 and Breaux, but it’s worth the visit.  Stay tuned for a fall stop there!

4 thoughts on “Two Twisted Posts’ Chardonnay 2015

  1. It’s true about their receiving an award to the Governor’s Case before they even had a tasting room . . . tastings were done under the shade of a tent cover for quite awhile. I send my customers there, without a doubt.

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