Breaux – Stop #3 Labor Day Weekend


When you walk up after parking, the building and property are just stunning.  You’re a little overwhelmed by the size of Breaux Vineyards.  They certainly can pack a huge crowd in here, and hold major events.  Our bridesmaid fellow travelers pulled up in their limo bus shortly after we parked, and I suspect that’s a common occurrence.

There is plenty of outdoor seating and patio space, and with good reason.  People were picnicking on blankets under tree shade, or sitting out in the sun if they could handle the heat.

The entrance is grand, and you into this amazing open space with a huge counter for the tasting bar, accommodating a massive crowd.  THere are side room off in both directions, a counter selling chocolates and vending water, soda, and other supplies, and retail shop selling wine-related paraphernalia and winery swag – shirts, hats, etc.

We got up to the tasting bar (and just in time – we got there at 2, and by 230 there was a line to get a spot at the tasting bar!) and began our basic tasting.  Husband sat this one out, so wine friend and I tasted all six by ourselves.


I should have jotted the tasting menu or taken a picture of it, because I’ve lost it now (the next day). (Note to self, to be a good wine blogger, carry a wine journal notebook to the winery with you!).  The whites were not very memorable, but the rose was really pretty good.  It was crisp and pleasant on the hot day, and I grabbed two bottles for the hot hot end of the Virginia summer.  The reds were stronger, a cab franc, cab sauv and nebbiolo.  The nebbiolo surprised me – it’s a very strong wine, and they were serving a 2015.  Here is where I appreciate a good tasting room employee – he shared that in Italy, Nebbiolo was reserved for the upper class, and it was expected to be aged 9-10 years to let the tannins smooth out.  Here we were drinking a three-year old one – you could tell it would definitely last over time and smooth out to be more drinkable, but it was pretty good now.  The tasting bar guy (easily) talked me into buying a bottle of the sparkling rose “Breauxmance” and since he couldn’t give me a taste of that, he offered me a taste of the meritage.  It was also a good showing for a meritage, but not so good that I bought a bottle – I had two from 868 Estate in the car already.

I’d go back to Breaux, but I’d go early – I don’t do crowds well.  I think it will be a great picnic place where you can really enjoy the blue ridge views.

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