I got an interesting piece of feedback recently, that when reading this blog it sounds like I like every wine I taste.

That’s an interesting interpretation of how I’m writing about this journey.  I don’t write a lot of negative thoughts unless the wine is completely not what I enjoy tasting at all in any way.  There have been wineries where I have paid for the tasting and walked out because literally nothing on the menu was to my liking at all.  Generally, I don’t even do reviews of those wineries.  I’m not sure I see the value in just bashing someone who is putting herself or himself out there in this business, which is a very risky proposition, just because the style doesn’t match my likes.

One thing I always try to remember (in all areas of my life, but for the purposes of this entry, for wine) is that my perspective is simply that, my perspective, based on my taste and experiences and preferred styles.  Many people prefer completely different styles of wine, and some wines I absolutely love no one else anywhere around me enjoys.  That’s ok.  I happen to dislike very sweet wine or wine with fruit infusions (Peach flavored merlot? What?).  Wine Friend 2’s wife absolutely loves very sweet, very fruity wine, and I say go for it.  Find what you like and enjoy it.  Husband loves vodka tonic – I don’t really favor that drink, but I do appreciate a good clean vodka, and if mixing that with tonic water and lime works for you, I say have at it, and enjoy it.  I’m going to stick to my bold, earthy, dark fruited, strong-flavored wines that upon first touching your tongue slap you in the face and announce their presence.  Wines that are clean and crisp, without a chemical taste or feel, I’m in love with you.

I really respect winemakers.  In general I think it’s an art form and a labor of love – a lot of thought and energy goes into producing each vintage.  Most winemakers who come into the work are sinking their life savings and their credit-worthiness into the venture.  Though it would be a fantasy career, I don’t really have the guts to do that, and I admire them.  They are putting together wines that they probably love, and believe the wine drinking public will enjoy and come back for more.  I respect all of the education and research they undertake, the time and effort they put into tending the vineyards and going through the fermentation and aging process, and finally how they put together a tasting room experience that will provide an afternoon of enjoyment and some nice wine.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 7.37.14 AM

Agritourism is part of why I do this – getting out where the wineries are means being in the mountains and seeing gorgeous views, right now seeing leaves changing, and spending a little bit of time in nature, even if it’s too cold to be outside (looking at you Wine Friend 1 regarding yesterday on the patio at 50 West).

I touch on some wines that I don’t love that I taste, but I don’t trash them, because it may be someone else’s favorite wine, and that’s ok.  I just tell you why I don’t love it, but if this is your style, then you just might love it, and that is a-ok.  I’m hopeful that you see a few things in here you love and want to try because I told you it’s amazing or described it in a way that makes you want to try it, because it fits your taste and style profile.

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