The 2018 List So Far…

It’s a good time to step back and remember what has been on the list, what I have visited so far, and what remains….

Since starting the adventure I have gone to:

Arterra (with another writeup too) (technically I started coming here in 2017, but I’m carrying it onto this list because I truly fell in love with it this year with the 16 whites and reds that were released).

RdV Vineyards  (need to take wine friends and husband there cause the experience is amazing)

Stone Tower (will need to review it after package pickup next weekend)

Notaviva (I pretty much walked out on this tasting, but at least got redirected to Two Twisted Posts from there, which was a great find!)

Two Twisted Posts



868 Estate


Bozzo Family



Grey Ghost (didn’t review because I was taught to say nothing if you cannot say something nice, and this simply didn’t meet my palette needs).


Slater Run

50 West (review coming tomorrow)

Still on the list to visit:

8 Chains North (cause I like their name)

Fleetwood Farm (cause she chatted with me on twitter a little)

Chester Gap

Glen Manor (hearing lots of good stuff about them)

Tarara (heard a lot of good, wondering if they are more mass market though)

Winding Road Cellars

612 Vineyards

Muse (not sure I’ll like this, co-worker gave me a bottle I didn’t care for, but they get good reviews)


Kindred Pointe

Valerie Hill

Share your thoughts on priorities, others to add, desire to join for a visit, etc in the comments.

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